• How to download your Facebook history
    Saving Facebook Messenger conversations and page comments could be a vital piece of the jigsaw when it comes to getting the evidence you need. If you want to know how to download your Facebook history, we’ve provided a few simple steps. Many investigators, police and lawyers will want your social […]
  • 5 ways to make evidence gathering stress free and reliable
    Reliable and accurate evidence is the cornerstone of every investigation. Whether it’s a tribunal, a criminal case or something that involves your human resources department or your city council, the evidence needs to be there. You know that what’s really happening to you but you need to prove it. It’s […]
  • How to save voicemails from your iPhone
    Voicemails left on your iPhone can be saved and used as evidence. Here’s how to capture them as a file from your iPhone.Why would you want to save a voicemail? Why not just leave it on your phone? You never know what could happen to your phone or any backups […]
  • How to download your Twitter data
    Direct Mentions (DMs), Twitter mentions and much more can be useful when you’re trying to gather evidence of what someone has been saying to you. That’s when you need to know how to download your Twitter data. It’s important to know that your Twitter data won’t always be around. You […]
  • 5 tips for finding the right divorce lawyer
    Nobody marries with the idea of divorcing a few years later. Sadly though it happens to more and more couples. In fact, nearly 40 percent of marriages currently end up in divorce. And the truth is that the outcome of any divorce in terms of property allocation, support, and custody […]
  • How to find the right private investigator
    How to find a private investigator is a common question. If you’re already having troubles with domestic abuse, stalking, harassment or divorce then there’s no doubt that it’s already a stressful situation that you’re in and it might even be hard to trust people right now. Like any professional service, […]


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